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My name is Thomas Roussel, I've been working in the 3D industry since 1996. I am currently tworking in a 3D software development company and I'm based in France. Please accept my apologies in advance for the typos and weird english in my articles.

About my background, I started to work on 3D software a while ago, especially in Amapi and his little borther Hexagon. Both of them were polygonal modeling tools. Amapi 8 (unreleased) was designed to become a full polygonal and NURBS modeler. Unfortunately, our mother company, e-Frontier Japan had to shut down multiple offices included ours. Then I joined the company I'm currently working at.

I'm self-taught for a lot of things and in a lot of fields and I love learning new skills, experimenting as much as possible. Then beside the 3D and digital sculpting, I'm doing a lot of photography and I became specialized in 3D printing.

You can follow me on Facebook (please drop me a private message if you add me as a friend) or through my Polysculpt Facebook page which are both in English and french and obviously on Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Feel free to pot your comments below the blog post and articles, I'll do my best to reply to them as soon as possible.


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