Han Solo in Carbonite

This is another Star Wars project: Han Solo in the Carbonite, from The Return of the Jedi. It's been a while that I wanted to have something like that.

This model is based from a quick scan made during the Star Wars identities exhibition in Paris (like the ISD Avenger), then I re-sculpted most of it and I'll 3D Print it, then doing some painting and probably a background/environment.

Scan 3D

As always, scanned through photogrammetry, then sculpted with ZBrush. The goal is to do a 1/12 scale one (190mm)

Bellow is the original scan in PhotoScan. It looks nice, thanks to the display of the texture (which was for me the real big help).


And the scan in ZBrush, before cleaning. The main shapes are here, but on really fine details that I'll have to resculpt everything.


Nettoyage dans ZBrush

Une fois le scan en main, j'ai commencé bien sur par me faire une bonne grosse de nettoyage, le reprojeter sur une base propre en DynaMesh (image de gauche ci-dessous) avant de générer des UVs et projeter dessus la texture depuis PhotoScan pour avoir une bonne référence (au milieu) ce qui m'a permis ensuite d'utiliser ma texture comme displacement et déformer le modèle en conséquence (à droite).

Comme vous pouvez le voir, cette technique est très pratique bien qu'elle à un revers, on peut facilement avoir des déformations indésirables sur les ombres projetées, très nombreuses sur la texture. C'est tout particulièrement visible sur la main (encerclée)

Ensuite s'est suivi la longue étape de recréation des formes et détails, cette fois-ci facilitée par la projection de la texture présentée ci-dessus. Certes, cela ne fait pas tout, loin de là, mais on est moins de le stress de ne pas respecter le modèle original : la profondeur est la bonne, les plis des vêtements sont au bon endroit, etc....

Toutefois, j'ai dû quand même pas mal me rapporter aux photos pour certaines parties comme les mains et surtout le visage. D'avoir un grand nombre de photo pour le scan m'a beaucoup facilité la tâche car les références sur internet sont assez pauvres.

The controls on the side. I think the model at the exhibition is a replica of the movie, not the original as the control are different. In the movie, this part just goes more out of the main shape, not as inside as it is in my screenshot. This is something that I need to fix...

Some closeup... Don't ask me why I totally screw up the nails. I didn't notice until now. It won't be visible in the 3D print, but well... I'll need to fix that!

Let's hope that the 3D print will be enough details. Perhaps I should have increased the contrast in the details, especially the carbonite part...

3D Printing

The 3D print has been a success, no issue. The quality is pretty good even if I divided to go with the mid-resolution (50 microns).

This is "Han Solo in the Liquid Resin" 🙂 Before the IPA Alcohol bath to clean all the remaining resin. Of course, all the supports will be removed. Orientation and preparation are important as you don't want to have them in the visible part of the model.

Here is a screenshot of the models in Preform. As you can see, the main one bearly fit the printing maximum volume.

And this is the result of a quick grey primer color pass. Not so bad 🙂

The side. Yes, some controls have been inverted. Not a big deal, it was just for the photo 🙂

Some closeup on the controls. Details are very good. It is not visible in the photo because of its size, but you can see the Philips screw heads on the corner 🙂 This Form2 printer just kills me 🙂

A closeup on the side of the print. As you can see, the layers are visible, but a little bit of sanding will easily remove them, especially after using some primer. But to be honest, after the metallic grey paint layer, I don't even think sanding will be needed, especially at this scale...


This is the final model with a mid silver gray Tamiya paint plus a panel line black. It was the first time I was using the Panel Line painting from Tamiya. Next time, I'll have to use a layer of coating first. But I'm really pleased with the end result!


This project is done for me... but I hope to build a kind of diorama in the future, the one corresponding at Han Solo in Carbonite in Jabba the Hutt castle... but later!

  1. Marc Taylor 2 months ago

    Hello, is that file available?

  2. Steve 1 month ago

    Hi is the file available for purchase please.

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